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Electric bike reviews

Tern HSD S00

Top quality utility bike that can carry one passenger or a ton of stuff

Engwe C20 Pro

Good value for money but too big and heavy to carry around

Yamaha Crosscore RC

A powerful urban e-bike with potential for other types of riding

Cannondale Mavaro Neo SL 1

Some high quality elements but the motor system is underpowered

Swifty AT656

A bit of a bargain - but make sure you’re aware of what you’re giving up to save a few hundred quid

Specialized Turbo Tero X 6.0

A superbly versatile e-hybrid on steroids

Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 EQ Remixte

A lively and fast ride but in its current guise it has too many design faults

Heybike EC 1

A decent lightweight e-bike option and well worth considering

Temple Cycles Step Through Electric

A highly elegant step-through e-bike that inspires in the city and beyond

EBCO Street 2

A nice blend of design elements makes for a practical and fun compact e-bike

Ebco Adventure 3R

A good option if you’re looking for a sub-£2,000 adventure e-bike

Yamaha Booster Easy

High quality, comfortable and stylish urban ride

Raleigh Centros Hub Gear

Great motor and excellent range, but the hub gears may not agree with everyone

Raleigh Motus Tour

A decent value urban and commuting e-bike for flatter terrain

Estarli e28.8 Trapez

With neat presentation and clean design, Estarli's e28 refresh has been a success

Swifty Routemaster

Cheap and reasonably cheerful for an occasional ride

Gin X

A good package for your money

Ado Air 28

Comfortable, capable and low-maintenance at a competitive price

CYC Photon e-bike conversion kit

Superb smooth power from a premium priced conversion kit

Cairn E-Adventure Rambler

A versatile e-gravel bike that will tackle anything you ride it on