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Electric bike buying advice

Buying an e-bike: a beginner's guide to electric bikes
Thinking about getting an e-bike but don’t know where to start? Let’s take things one step at a time
Best electric folding bikes 2024
From commuters to leisure, our round-up of the best electric folding bikes
Best electric gravel bikes 2024
Our pick of the best electric gravel bikes for adventuring off-road
Best electric bikes under £3,000 2024
From gravel bikes to cargo bikes to urban bikes - all for under £3k
Best step-through electric bikes 2023
Our pick of the best accessibly designed e-bikes
Hub motor or mid motor? What's the difference? (+ video)
Which kind of e-bike motor would suit you best? We outline the pros and cons
E-scooters and the law
You can certainly buy them... but where can you ride them?
8 tips for commuting by e-bike all year round
Here’s our guide to continuing to use your electric bike through the wind and rain and cold and dark
Winter e-bike tips: bike and battery care in colder weather
Find out how to ride, care for and store your e-bike when the temperature plummets
Best electric folding bikes under £2,000 2023
From multi-modal commutes to urban excursions, our guide to the best folding e-bikes under £2,000
Best electric single-speed bikes 2023
The best electric single-speed bikes for those who enjoy simplicity
Lightest electric bikes 2023
From folders to e-road bikes, a selection of the lightest electric bikes on the market
What to avoid when buying an e-bike, battery or charger
Practical safety tips for when you're in the market for a new bike or replacement parts
Best electric touring bikes 2023
Go the distance with the best electric touring bikes
Best electric mountain bikes under £2,000 2023
The best budget eMTBs to get you off-road
Best electric cargo bikes 2023 – bikes to replace your car
The best electric cargo bikes for carrying ‘loads’
Best electric bikes under £2,000 2023
There’s no need to break the bank with our selection of the best e-bikes under £2,000
Are e-bike batteries safe?
A look at what's inside an e-bike battery and how to be sure you're buying something safe
Best e-cargo bikes under £3,000
On a budget? Carry everything from kids to kitchen sinks with our pick of the best e-cargo bikes for under £3k
Best electric hybrid bikes 2023
From city centres to towpaths, the best electric hybrid bikes for utility and leisure